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Supporting experimental and thought-provoking artists of all disciplines and creating space for artists to impact the community.

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Current IAO Exhibitions

Mery Mcnett and Nick Lillard's "Medulla"
IAO Main Gallery
Opening Reception: June 16
June 15 - July 21
Join us for a beautiful fusion of works by artists Mery Mcnett and Nick Lillard.
What exactly are emotions, intelligence and imagination? How do neurons store information? What is consciousness? Mery Mcnnett explores these questions through a series of works dubbed "Medulla"
Sculptor Nick Lillard explores the tactile and functional qualities of inanimate objects while simultaneously attempting to portray human and/or animal personality through the creation of lamp-like objects that exude warmth and light.





Individual Artists of Oklahoma is a statewide arts organization that exists to promote progressive arts programming and education in the state of Oklahoma. The IAO Gallery, located in historic Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City, is open to the public admission-free year round, and offers artists who work in innovative mediums, topics, or methods an opportunity to exhibit their work.


IAO offers a variety of free programming to the public year round, with an emphasis on developing a forward-looking arts community. Each year, through this programming, IAO is able to enrich the community in which we live, enhancing the lives of tens of thousands of adults and children, artists and patrons alike.


Individual Artists of Oklahoma is a 501c3 non profit organization.