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Must Be Nice

Kayla Seedig

August 24 through September 14

“MUST BE NICE” presents works on paper and installations by Texas-based artist Kayla Seedig. Works included in the exhibition were made throughout Seedig’s process of coming out as genderqueer. Using found materials such as makeup, hair, compression wrap, and packing materials; Seedig contemplates the fragility of binaries and themes of isolation, connection, insecurity, and vulnerability as they relate to their personal experience and perspective.

What Legacy Had Wrought

Summer Zah

August 24 through September 14

Conceptual artist Summer Zah explores familial, cultural, and institutional influences in a new exhibit at IAO

Summer’s work exudes an honesty of Native people often overlooked by subconscious or conscious profiling. The art is the culmination of overcoming misconceptions about family, the past, and identity to disclose a fearless factuality.

In Summer’s own words, “I have chosen to embrace my ethnocentricity to show that, as humans, we rhyme with each other regardless of nationality. I am too American to be Native, yet I am too Native to be American. Rather than fight this tension, I choose to be inspired by the situation.”

This exhibit will be on display through September 14th.

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