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Hey. You. We need you. If you have time and resources, you can help us change the world. Don’t think. Just say “Yes.”


It’s up to you.

Maybe you’re a long-time IAO supporter. Perhaps a local artist who’s been involved with us for years. Maybe you’re a local business person wanting to give back to your community. Maybe you’re just a human sitting on a bench, looking at a tree, feeling inspired.

IAO started as a grassroots organization in 1979. Founded by three poets, the vision was to create an organization to support a group of artists who went against the grain. To this day, that’s what we do. YOU are how we do it. Don’t pass up this shot at greatness.


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Each year, IAO supports local artists through exhibitions, educational opportunities, performances, and concerts. These events reach thousands, bringing very cool local art to our community.

You can help us do even more.

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We do this thing called a monthly newsletter. It’s one way we let our supporters know about important news, what is happening at the gallery, etc. If you’re into that, you should sign up below. We won’t spam you or sell your info. That wouldn’t be right.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are a volunteer organization. We try our best to maintain the hours above. However, we do sometimes have to leave the gallery to eat, run errands, for emergencies, etc. If you are planning on coming during these hours, and have any concern, PLEASE call first, and we will be happy to verify our hours for that day.

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